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Government of the Federated States of Micronesia


As Trustee, the US placed early emphasis on basic education for FSM children. The Peace Corps provided an early cadre of teachers, which has been augmented increasingly in recent years by qualified Micronesians. Today, as one indicator, the literacy rate in FSM is quite high. By law, all FSM children are required to attend school through the eighth grade. Private educational facilities, such as the Pohnpei Agricultural and Trade School (PATS) and Xavier High School in Chuuk, are important elements of the overall picture.

In the post-secondary area, FSM students have been supported at the College of Micronesia, the University of Guam and other US colleges through Pell grants and other US education programs. Almost all current government leaders in the FSM are graduates of US colleges. The College of Micronesia in Pohnpei is now opening a new campus constructed with US assistance, and is the beneficiary of Land Grant status through the US Department of Agriculture,

Currently, special attention is being directed to the most effective design of curricula at all levels to address the particular needs of FSM in the coming years. A US-funded study by the University of Ohio has been valuable in identifying previous areas of inappropriate emphasis, and suggesting alternative strategies.


Educational Attainment in the FSM for the Population Aged 25 and Over (2000 Census)

No school 12.3%
Pre-school/kindergarten 1.0%
Elementary 36.0%
High school 32.3%
College 18.4%