Government of the Federated States of Micronesia

Second Weight Loss Competition

FSM Health is embarking on its 2nd weight loss competition this year with the theme of "Biggest Loser Competition". FSM Health Department is inviting ANYONE who is interested to partake in this healthy activity to join. If interested, please come into the health office at Palikir with your registration fee and take your weight. Registration is open until May 2011. The final weigh in date for the contest is June 30, 2011.

There are two categories for the competition. 1. Highest percentage of the total weight loss. 2. The proportion of the individual with his/her hip and waist. Winning prizes will depend on the number of participants. Individuals who have illnesses such as diabetes, heart disease, liver disease, kidney disease and etc are encouraged to see their physicians before joining any weight loss contest.

Registration Venue: FSM Health office at Palikir. Ask for Fancelyn/Norleen

Registration Fee: $50

Registration Open: January to May

Final weigh in Date for the competition: June 30, 2011.

The department is also pleased to announce the winners for the 1st Weight loss competition that was held last year in December. The winners of the competition all took cash prizes. 1st prize of $400 went to Spencer Donre , 2nd Prize of $150 went to Norleen Oliver, and 3rd prize of $100 went to Tracy Lawrence. Congratulations to all the winners!!