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President Mori's Visit to Japan

Tokyo, Japan (FSM Embassy-Tokyo): November 13, 2008 - President Emanuel Mori recently headed a delegation to Japan from November 7-11 to attend events organized by the FSM Embassy in Tokyo, which included a celebration on the 20th Anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic relations with Japan.

On the evening of November 7th, a reception was held at Toranomon Pastoral Hotel where dignitaries from the Government of Japan, representatives of the private sector and civil society, friends from the diplomatic corps, FSM supporters and FSM citizens residing in Tokyo attended. Speaking before the guests, President Mori stated that the last twenty years have been comprised of events of mutual assistance, cooperation, and exchanges between Japan and the FSM. "The bilateral relations have dynamically developed during the short period and there is much that we have achieved together, therefore we have reasons to be proud and to celebrate our achievements," President Mori noted.

State Minister of Foreign Affairs Madam Sieko Hashimoto spoke on behalf of the Government of Japan, asserting the solid and warm bilateral relations and emphasizing that the Government of Japan is looking forward to actively promoting the good relationship that both countries have come to enjoy. Along with the President and Madam Hashimoto, former Prime Minister Yoshiro Mori, who is the Chairman of the FSM-Japan Parliamentary Friendship League and who recently visited the FSM, offered a toast congratulating both countries on the many achievements over the past twenty years of bilateral relations.

Also in Tokyo to take part in the event was an eight-member cultural delegation from Yap State. The dancers first performed at the International Cultural Week in Aichi and 2nd Minato City Fair of Commerce and Tourism before performing at the evening reception hosted by the FSM Embassy.

In Tokyo, President Mori had courtesy calls on Japan's Prime Minister Taro Aso and Minister of Foreign Affairs Mr. Hirofumi Nakasone. Prime Minister Aso conveyed sincere greetings and warm welcome to President Mori and his delegation and expressed gratitude and appreciation to the people and government of the FSM for nurturing the strong and warm bilateral relations. PM Aso also expressed the Government of Japan's deep appreciation to President Mori for receiving Japan's former Prime Minister Yoshiro Mori to the FSM last September and reaffirmed Japan's commitment of 200 million (about $2 million US) under its Non-Project Scheme to assist the FSM with its economic reform for energy needs. In separate meetings with the PM and Minister of Foreign Affairs, both Aso and Nakasone thanked President Mori for the FSM support for Japan's non-permanent membership on the United Nations Security Council and at other regional and international bodies.

President Mori also visited Kochi Prefecture, where his family has ancestral links. In Kochi, the President met with the Governor and Mayor of the Prefecture, as well as members of the Mori family.

The FSM and Japan established formal diplomatic relations in 1988 and continue to enjoy excellent bilateral relations with growing cooperation in the areas of human resources development, education, health, fisheries and the environment. To further promote these interests, the Government of Japan recently upgraded their Embassy in the FSM with a full-fledged resident ambassador.

Accompanying President Mori on this visit were Secretary of Foreign Affairs Mr. Lorin S. Robert, Secretary of Resources and Development Mr. Peter M. Christian, Pohnpei Governor John Ehsa, and R&D Assistant Secretary for Trade & Investment Roger S. Mori. The President and his delegation departed Tokyo on November 11, 2008.

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